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Shed / Lean-to Truss - 2/12 Pitch.

Commonly used to extend the sides of an existing structure / building.

Or a free-standing shelter with a single sloped roof is also a great option for water management.

  • Optionally add a Snoot to the front to finish off the look or to gain a little more coverage


Planning – Our system was designed for 10ft spacing between Trusses, with 8ft or 12ft used in special cases.

  • 6x6 Posts
  • 8ft to 24ft is an 18” Chord depth / 26ft to 32ft is a 24” chord depth
  • Purlin cup counts are in the Item number after the “C”

Lean-to Truss

  • Shipping details must be discusssed prior to ordering. Shipping is not free, In general Shipping is $3.50/mile from Zip Code 23169 

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