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We are a family-run business that believes in providing great products and, most importantly, building lasting relationships with our community and customers. 

The pavilion pictured here is in my back yard. I needed a large clear span without supports and  the ability to add on in the future.  I found the perfect solution with steel trusses. My family erected the structure over a weekend.  As you can see, we chose to pave the floor of the structure.  The pavilion became the venue for my son’s spring wedding.


For the next few years, I continued to follow the manufacturer.  Because I was so happy with my own experience and believed in the product,  I approached the manufacturer about expanding their business to this region.  What better way than for me, a customer, to champion the ease of installation and versatility of the product?

Why Us
Why Us? Why Steel? 

 - 8  to 80 foot clear spans are available.

- Simple construction when compared with traditional wood trusses

 -10 foot post spacing means the purlin lumber can be sourced locally and managed easily.

- 10 foot pole spacing sustains winds up to 110 mph

-Snow load of 32 lbs per square foot


 Unique Features

 - - Purlin cup near the post is designed to be the top of the outside wall if the structure is enclosed.

- - Weight load is directly positioned over the support post.

- - Purlin cup alignment is designed to orient the 2x6 so it is flush with the roofing material, making the roofing process very simple

- - 2 part truss construction reduces transportation costs and improves onsite maneuverability.

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