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Our trusses are shipped all over the country, but shipping can be tricky when dealing with large steel products. We offer the following:


Option 1 - Local Pick-up - If you have an open trailer, this can sometimes have added benefits. When you get to the job site, it can be helpful not to have to offload the trusses immediately.

·       We are located in Topping, VA 23169 and the factory is in Salem, NC 28655

·       If you have an estimator sheet from us just add (1) foot to the roof length to calculate the length of the trusses stacked. Use this measurement to determine the necessary trailer length. 

·       Pick-up is by appointment (including weekends) - We can be flexible with enough notice. Our preference is to not load in the dark. 

·       Please use this Calendar link to request a time slot.


Option 2 - Regional Delivery - We can deliver within a reasonable drive from Topping, VA 23169. As of Dec 2023 delivery cost is $3.50/mile 


Option 3 - Common Carrier - The cost of this option fluctuates based on market demand. Using professional commercial carriers typically comes with a specific set of rules / guidelines / expectations that help to assure all parties the delivery will be handled properly. We use a broker service to book deliveries, and they have been extremely reliable. 


Option 4 - Freelance - The most popular way to find your own delivery service is to use a marketplace like We can provide you with dimensions of the load and you can post a Quote Request. Some customers have found some reduced delivery costs with drivers looking for a backhaul. We recommend giving a large date window to allow more drivers to bid on your delivery. 


Please Note: For all deliveries the customer is responsible for off loading.

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